Clean Cuisine Workshop

Are you interested in learning how to improve your health with delicious yet simple food preparation?

Would you like to learn more about creating clean and nutritionally balanced meals that encourage good health and disease prevention?

Are you interested in getting your next meal inspiration directly from local farmer’s markets?

Then this class is for you! Whether you are an experienced cook or a novice in the kitchen, this class will inspire you to change your relationship to food.


Our food nourishes us, and forms the building blocks of our body, mind, and soul. During the Clean Cuisine workshop you will be given a foundational overview of how to source clean foods, use tools in your kitchen to create delicious- no stress-meals that leave you satiated and fueled for the day. The dishes we prepare are designed  for improved digestion, good mood, and mental clarity. 


My mission is  to educate and inspire you to  change your relationship with food and food prep so you can create an abundance of nutrient dense and delicious food to set yourself up to succeed in a clean living lifestyle. Expect to  transform the way you approach cooking with lessons covering how to properly use and sharpen your chef's knife, the right vegetable cuts to minimize waste and speed up prep time in the kitchen, how to infuse big flavor the natural way and how to work with fresh and dried herbs and seasonings.

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Program Goals

  • Practice farm-to-table, local and seasonal eating and discover why it matters
  • Get a solid handle on good and bad fats
  • Learn about dietary allergies and inflammatory foods and how to work around them
  • Know how to balance each meal for optimal health
  • Know exactly which foods to eat, which to avoid and which to limit
  • Become familiar with nutrient-dense super-foods and become a pro at including them in your cooking