Grace D.

My journey with Alisha and Gong Bath Yoga started over a year ago on 10/18/2016 at Republic of Yoga with owner Nicole Nichols.  I’ve had 10 sessions thus far. My body, mind, spirit and soul now crave this and it is one of the many tools I have now included for my own healing and wellness.
My experience has been unfolding each time I continue to do this integrated work of yoga combined with the sound healing of the Gong. Alisha is adept at explaining how the Gong works and during classes she will provide hands on assistance to help you reach proper alignment or deeper places in your poses.  The sound healing of the Gong has taken my yoga practice to another level. I feel more open. I go deeper. I’m becoming more of me.
I can see progress in my body as the tight places are unwinding and I’m gaining more strength and flexibility. I’m also noticing my experience with the Gong is shifting and changing. The blocks that were once there are releasing or gone. The sound waves ripple through me and I’m noticing I am much more open and receptive. There is something about the sound waves from the Gong that just “wash” over you, through you and washes away the clutter.  Sometimes the Gong takes me like an ocean wave. Other times, I hear more resonance to the sounds as opposed to when I first started it was more discordant. My last experience with the Gong I had so much energy afterwards it was euphoric. It was amazing!
I would definitely recommend Alisha and introducing the Gong or even the combo of the Gong Bath Yoga into your practice.
Thank you Alisha for your presence and this work.  

Lauren P-H.

Alisha is a gifted practitioner who brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and heart to her teaching. She provides guidance lovingly and has an array of disciplines and tools to assist in her students growth and well-being. Alisha has helped me to discover and really understand the mind-body-spirit connection through yoga and breath work. I consider my time in private session with Alisha to be a true gift for my heart and soul. Taking that time and devoting it to wellness and wholeness is so powerful and Alisha is a brilliantly gifted person to take that journey with. I am very grateful to have her as a teacher and yogi friend!

Patrice S.

Alisha is a very special person and a wonderful Yoga instructor.  I have just retired after 30 years at a sedentary job and was so UNFIT.  I signed up for one private session with Alisha six months ago and I was hooked.  Her adeptness in the practice of asana, creativity, big-heartedness, and insights she displays are truly remarkable and an inspiration to me!

What I found so beneficial was her ability and willingness to tailor our practice to my specific conditions due to a knee surgery, fractured foot, broken ankle, and pelvic issues.  She has specifically asked about my physical issues  to insure  I would receive the maximum benefit from our practice.  Alisha is a life-long learner and she continues to take classes – not only in yoga – but in physiology and other aspects of medicine.  She frequently brings in new information and resources to support, challenge, and inspire me.

 Lastly, the atmosphere is warm, welcoming, and free of any judgment.   Alisha’s style and methods have made yoga relevant, effective, and FUN.  She provides a complete mind and body yoga experience!  I’m very thankful to have found her and look forward to continuing to practice with her!