Gong Baths

Worldwide sound healing has been around for thousands of years. Although our biology hasn’t changed much over the last couple of thousand years, our experience of technology, our social norms, our lifestyle choices and our beliefs systems sure have. At times it feels like the western world has forgotten how to get in tune with our bodies, listen to what they are telling us, and this is where the gong bath can be such a useful tool. 

How does a gong bath work?

Although matter may appear solid, fundamentally everything around us (including ourselves!) is actually vibrating. Sound frequencies can affect us on a cellular level, influence how we feel and function. Sound healing practices like a Gong Bath uses vibrational sound and frequency to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace and well being for better health. 

When you attend a Gong Bath, you can either lay down or sit up. In studio settings, there are bolsters and blankets provided (being comfortable helps you to relax) and just let the sound take you away. If the Gong Bath is outside, you may need to bring your own props. The Gong Bath releases toxins from your system, so it’s advised to drink lots of water after to flush them out more quickly. The Gong Bath effects can also last for the next few days. I’ve been offering gong baths for years now, it’s become part of my self care routine. I believe it’s helped me discover more about myself, opened my creativity centre, and helped me get more clarity on how I can be of more service to the world. The power of Gongs is amazing!

My experience with gong bath meditations

The first time I experienced a Gong Bath It was love at first sight. During a 10 minute Savasana, I felt the deep tonal
vibrations rippling and radiating through my whole body, around
me, and filling up the entire room. I felt like I became one with the earth- grounded and rooted. My breath deepened, I felt my heart sped up and then regulated. All of my muscles softened and I
was able to drift into a state of what felt like utter relaxation and suspension. When class was over, I had the desire to stay quiet and move slowly. My body and mind were processing the effects of
the gong. I felt safe and supported by the universe and wandered home taking in all the sounds, colors, smells, and felt more connected to myself in relationship to my surroundings than I had felt in a long time. My experience was a visual, mental, physical, emotional ride that faded in and out, elevated and expanded me beyond my body, and stirred up and cleared out blocked energy. Parts were uncomfortable, parts were comforting and everything in between. I knew after this experience, this was real medicine and an accessible and ever changing goodness for the mind body and soul.



Enjoy this sample gong bath!

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